Open Letter to the Chief Executive of Earth’s United States of America

Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:
We have been monitoring the evolution of your species for many thousands of your planet’s years.
We are contacting you regarding your country’s possession and continued deployment of weapons of mass destruction by your military establishment. These weapons are highly dangerous, and include your fusion reactor weapons or so-called but inaccurately named “nuclear bombs”, disease-engendering “biological weapons” and other weapons in secret use or development and not yet acknowledged. We will not name these unacknowledged weapons in an open letter, but we are intimately aware of the horrible details of their development.
Your country’s continued utilization of these weapons systems is contrary even to your own planet’s customary methods of combat to settle disputes or to disrupt opposing political systems - in this instance we are speaking of that strange custom of “war” which your species is so fond of, cruel and barbaric as it may be. As you know, these particular weapons are not weapons whose effects are limited to military or “combatants”, but whose effects can disperse and be borne into your planet’s biosphere, rendering harm to other, “non-combatants” members of your own species and others of your planet’s biosphere for a considerable length of geological time - many generations of your species’ life span.
We have also been long aware of the development of many of these weapons systems that can be deployed on platforms which are above your planet’s biosphere, and, in years to come, will create such platforms on deep-space vessels.
Even though you have, from time to time, agreed with other nations not to deploy such weapons in a pre-emptive or “First Strike” attack under the rule of your “war” custom, in monitoring your activities from our deep-space vessels (or, as your country named them, “flying saucers”) your use of a similarly dangerous weapon against politically-opposing members of your own species suggests that you are not to be trusted. Your blind ambition to dominate other alphas of your species for the sake of your personal economic security = all in the guise of the defense puzzling and meaningless ideal you call “freedom” for a select few of the alphas of your species – demonstrates that you have not evolved to the stage where treaties with you would be honored.
After careful projections using the most sophisticated analysis tools available, we have concluded that it is highly likely that you would one day seize upon the opportunity to use such weapons again. Although such weapons would have little effect on our “deepest-space” or interstellar craft, the residual particle radiation that would be emitted by such weapons would be harmful, and in some cases fatal, to members of our species on planets that pass through the particle emissions of your fusion reactor weapons.
Under your country’s interpretation of the rules of your “war” custom, your threat to our security, gives us cause to use second-level methods for suspending your military establishment in a “First Strike” attack upon your country’s possessions on your planet’s crust, as well as those in orbit above your planet’s biosphere.
Such a strike would simply consist of the neutralization of all of your weapons, using a field enveloping your planet at a wide range. This field would emanate from deep space, and would prevent fusion reaction weapons from detonating.
It will also make conventional weapons too hot for your species to handle. Your projectile weapons which deploy your explosives will be impossible to arm, and your small arms will be too hot to touch.
This effect will be temporary, lasting for a period of one thousand years. We appreciate your patience in this matter, and we look forward to the day when your planet might join the community of civilized planets in this galaxy of stars, in what you so charmingly call, “The Sky.”
Organian Plenipotentiary
United Federation of Planets
Ayelborne, Organian Plenipotentiary-United Federation of Planets
Ayelborne, Organian Plenipotentiary—
United Federation of Planets