Are you submissive? WMDave.com seeks submissive types to submit!

WMDave.com seeks submissions for publication. Serious inquiries only – no amateurs, no professionals, no first timers, no baggage or U-Hauls. Must be willing to experiment and be inventive - with fresh ideas. We do not pay for play.

Be over 18, but age not important, race not important, size not important, height/weight ratio not important. What is important is that you submit.

Turn-ons: a sense of humor is a must! also photos, cinema, heartfelt candor, candles
Turn-offs: whiners, posers, premature pre-publication, cheaters, nocturnal submissions and losers that can’t keep it coming when we need it most

We’re clean and safe, UB2.

Submit c/o:

Story Development Submissions
Editorial Post Master
1712 E. Riverside Drive
Suite #243
Austin, TX 78741

Or e-mail us at postmaster@wmdave.com

(Please use Story Development Submissions as your Subject line when responding by e-mail.)

All submissions will become the property of the Post Master.