Study Shows Link Between Poverty And Being Poor

January 25, 2003 Boston, MA–Researchers at the Fewtal Institute in Boston have concluded that there is a definite link between poverty and being poor.

A study by John Wernhal, Eileen Gumpner and others have found an almost 1 to 1 relationship between individuals & families below the poverty level and poor people.
“It seems that, despite other factors including geography and ethnicity, when one finds poor people, you can count on a high indication of poverty,” said Dr. Wernhal.
The study showed factors such as low income, excessive debt, rising costs and few resources as the significant contributing factors to poverty.
Poor people nationwide applauded the study’s findings. “I been so poor so long, and it’s cause I ain’t got no money,” said George Teawell of Tupelo, MS. “I ain’t got no money ‘cause I done spent it,” on necessities such as rent, food, utilities and medical care. “And I ain’t gonna get no more till the end o’ the month.”
Few experts dispute those observations. “The poor have little money,” explained Dr. Gumpner. “They have to buy everything for themselves, and after exhausting what little income, federal aid, and other resources they have on basic needs, they have little else. No wonder they eat chicken wings and drink generic soda.”